UK fishers’ federation calls on political parties to condemn Greenpeace’s actions in English Channel

Photo: NFFO

The UK National Federation of Fishermens’ Organisations (NFFO) has written to the leaders of main political parties, and to UK fisheries ministers and shadows, pressing them to condemn environmental activist group Greenpeace’s most recent actions in the waters of the Offshore Brighton Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) in the English Channel.

The NFFO said letters have been sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other ministers to inform them of Greenpeace’s dumping of large boulders in the MCZ “to obstruct legitimate fishing activity.”

The organisation commented that Greenpeace’s “vigilante action” is “illegal, and recklessly endangers crews and fishing vessels.”

The NFFO added that it has previously written to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) demanding action to prevent escalation of the illegal activities by the environmental group.

“The fishing industry has the right to demand protection and immediate and proportionate enforcement action,” the NFFO said in its letter to the MMO. “Proportionate in this context means that penalties and enforcement action should be on a scale to have a dissuasive effect on Greenpeace’s future illegal activities.”

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