VESSEL REVIEW | Volt Harvest I – Aquaculture workboat with innovative fish handling features

Photo: FMV

Norwegian shipbuilder Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted (FMV) has handed over a new workboat to Volt Service, an aquaculture support company that operates primarily in the western and central parts of the country.

Volt Harvest I was designed by Heimli Ship Design and FMV in close collaboration with Volt Service, which needed a compact stun and bleed vessel with features that help guarantee fish quality during the transport of catch from offshore pens to customers’ processing facilities.

Photo: FMV

The vessel has a length of 28.7 metres, a beam of 10.2 metres, and a gross tonnage of 399. A Caterpillar C32 main engine that produces 746 kW at 1,800 rpm drives a Finnøy propeller and gearbox arrangement. AS Scan provided the steering system while MB Hydraulikk installed side thrusters to aid in manoeuvring.

Live fish is hauled on board via pumps. The fish is then anesthetised before it is gently loaded into the onboard tanks. FMW said that by anesthetising the fish immediately after pumping, the stress on the fish is minimised.

The vessel is also equipped with its own species recognition program, which counts and measures the weight and size of all fish brought on board.

Photo: FMV

The boat was designed to be capable of harvesting 60 tonnes of fish in one hour thanks to an Optimar fish handling arrangement that includes two automated lines. A FrioNordica cooling system helps preserve fish quality in the 400-cubic-metre tank. The fish are kept in an enclosed space while in transit to reduce the risk of infection.

The deck equipment includes cranes from Palfinger Marine. The navigation and communication electronics are from Furuno while Glamox and R. Stahl Transberg supplied all external lighting including the searchlights. Electrical installation works were provided by Vassnes Power.

Photo: FMV

R&M Ship Interior supplied the interior furnishings and International Coatings paint was used on the exterior surfaces. NorSap seating is installed in the wheelhouse. All doors fitted on the vessel are from Libra-Plast.

The crew spaces include single-berth and double-berth cabins, a lounge/mess, and a galley. The galley equipment is from Beha-Hedo Industrier.

The boat also has safety equipment from Viking Norsafe.

Photo: FMV

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Volt Harvest I
Type of vessel:Stun and bleed fish transport vessel
Owner:Volt Service, Norway
Designer:Heimli Ship Design, Norway
Builder:Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted, Norway
Length overall:28.7 metres
Beam:10.2 metres
Gross tonnage:399
Main engine:Caterpillar C32, 746 kW at 1,800 rpm
Propulsion:Finnøy propeller
Side thrusters:MB Hydraulikk
Steering system:AS Scan
Other electronics:Furuno
Cranes:Palfinger Marine
Refrigeration/fish processing equipment:Optimar; FrioNordica
Other equipment installed:Libra-Plast doors; Beha-Hedo Industrier galley equipment
External lighting/searchlights:Glamox; R. Stahl Transberg
Interior fitout/furnishings:R&M Ship Interior
Safety equipment:Viking Norsafe
Accommodation:Cabins; lounge/mess; galley
Operational area:Western and central Norway

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