Fishing Vessel News Roundup | February 7 – Russian and Faroese deliveries plus Norwegian and German newbuilding orders with Turkish yard

Fishing Vessel News Roundup | February 7 – Russian and Faroese deliveries plus Norwegian and German newbuilding orders with Turkish yard

Deliveries include a freezer trawler for a Russian Atlantic operator and live carriers for owners in the Faroe Islands and Norway. Meanwhile, a shipyard in Turkey floats out a new vessel as an order is secured from a repeat customer.

Russia's Atlantrybflot acquires locally built freezer trawler

<em>Photo: United Shipbuilding Corporation</em>
Photo: United Shipbuilding Corporation

Russia's Vyborg Shipyard recently handed over a new freezer trawler under the Project KMT02 series to local fishing company Atlantrybflot.

Dmitry Kozharsky was designed primarily for bottom trawling and is built to ice class 3 specifications. The onboard factory has a rated freezing capacity of 105 tonnes per day and a hold capacity of 2,375 cubic metres.

The newbuild measures 80.4 by 15.4 metres and displaces approximately 5,563 tonnes.

Bakkafrost adds hybrid newbuild to live transporter fleet

<em>Photo: Bakkafrost</em>
Photo: Bakkafrost

Faroese seafood company Bakkafrost has taken delivery of a new hybrid wellboat from Sefine Shipyard of Turkey.

Named Bakkafossur, the vessel can carry up to 1,000 tonnes of live salmon. The vessel is also fitted with desalination systems that utilise reverse osmosis technology to produce 6,000 tonnes of fresh water a day.

The wellboat will also be fitted with a sea lice removal system.

Norway's Intership takes delivery of Spanish-built fish carrier

<em>Photo: Landsnes</em>
Photo: Landsnes

Norwegian owner Intership recently welcomed a new wellboat to its fleet.

Built by Zamakona Yards of Spain, Inter Atlantic has a total live transport capacity of 2,200 cubic metres and a freshwater production capacity of 5,000 cubic metres per day.

The vessel will initially be deployed to Scotland where it will support the salmon harvesting activities of a local operator. It will later relocate to Canada.

Turkish builder floats out factory trawler for German owner

<em>Photo: Tersan Shipyard</em>
Photo: Tersan Shipyard

Turkey's Tersan Shipyard has launched a new factory trawler ordered by German operator Nordbank Hochseefischerei, a subsidiary of Netherlands-based fishing company Parlevliet en Van der Plas.

The Skipsteknisk-designed 88-metre vessel will sail under the name Jan Maria. It will be outfitted with fully integrated onboard grading, filleting, processing, and freezing systems.

The vessel will also be capable of triple trawling and outfitted with cargo holds with individual cooling elements. The decks will be made from steel and will be painted in a specialised anti-skid coating to ensure safe forklift operations.

A transport system will be available for moving palletised products from the processing deck to the cargo holds.

Norway's Leinebris orders newbuilding from Turkish yard

<em>Photo: Skipsteknisk</em>
Photo: Skipsteknisk

Norwegian fishing company Leinebris has placed an order for a new vessel to be built by Turkey's Tersan Shipyard.

The Skipsteknisk-designed 64-metre vessel, which will also be named Leinebris, will be capable of three different fishing methods including longlining, seining, and net fishing. It will also be equipped with a large battery pack and diesel generators for improved energy efficiency.

Other facilities will include covered working decks, a moonpool, RSW tanks, and accommodations for up to 25 people.

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