AWARDS 2021 | Best Factory Ship – Norvezhskoye More – Marine Engineering Bureau

Best Factory Ship – Norvezhskoye More (Photo: Filatov)
Best Factory Ship – Norvezhskoye More (Photo: Filatov)

This magnificent ship is already operating in Arctic waters from the bleak, cold port of Arkhangelsk. Designed by the famed Marine Engineering Bureau (MEB), with assistance from a Norwegian designer, she is intended to be a safe, efficient and comfortable fish catching and processing machine that can be particularly effective in rugged Arctic conditions.

Part of a planned series of four vessels, she is equipped with everything needed to satisfy that intent. She represents the enlightenment that is currently underway in Russian ship design and building. The MEB is at the forefront of that enlightenment.

"The vessel and its sisters are among the biggest and most efficient trawler processors ever built in Russia," MEB told Baird Maritime.

The designer added that since it is the second vessel in the Project KMT01 series, the work that went into it also involved addressing a number of technical issues. These issues include design changes that became necessary based on the development of earlier sister Barentsevo More.

MEB said it enjoyed steady progress throughout 2021, even amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and the passing of company founder and owner Professor Gennadiy Egorov.

"We foresee steady growth for the fishing industry over the next few years. We also expect that, based on Russia's new keel quota program, a growing selection of fishing vessel types will be ordered from Russian yards."

The designer added that modernisation, particularly in the form of new construction materials and equipment, will become more widespread in the fishing vessel newbuilding segment.

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