VESSEL REVIEW | Dmitry Konoplev – Newbuild vivier crabber trio for Russian Far East fishing company

Dmitry Konoplev (Photo: NSRY)
Dmitry Konoplev (Photo: NSRY)

Russian fishing company the Antey Group will soon take delivery of three new crab boats in a series built by local company Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard (NSRY).

Sister vessels Kapitan, Dmitry Konoplev, and Kapitan Khazan are the first three of a planned series of eight vivier crab vessels built by NSRY and designed by the Damen Shipyards Group's Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg division for operation by various owners in the Okhotsk, Barents, and Bering Seas. Antey said the acquisition of these new crab boats – which are among the first new crab boats to be built in Russia's Far East in over 30 years – is in line with the goal of modernising the country's fishing fleet while providing comfortable at-sea living and working conditions for crews.

Kapitan <em>(Photo: Antey Group)</em>
Kapitan (Photo: Antey Group)

Each of the new boats has a length of 57.7 metres, a beam of 12.6 metres, a gross tonnage of 1,000, an Ice Class 2 steel hull that will enable operation in surface ice up to 50 centimetres thick, and a total RSW tank capacity of 680 cubic metres distributed across nine tubs. The tubs can accommodate up to 120 tonnes of live catch in seawater of varying temperatures.

The propulsion setup on each vessel consists of a diesel engine that produces 1,620 kW at 750 rpm driving a Schottel SCP 774 controllable-pitch propeller. This arrangement will propel each boat to a free running speed of approximately 12 knots and deliver a maximum endurance of 30 days.

Schottel also supplied each vessel with a 400kW tunnel-housed, controllable-pitch transverse thruster for added manoeuvrability. Both the main and manoeuvring propellers are strengthened to ensure their durability under harsh weather conditions in the remote offshore areas where the vessels will operate.

Accommodations are available for 24 crewmembers on each vessel.

Kapitan Khazan <em>(Photo: Antey Group)</em>
Kapitan Khazan (Photo: Antey Group)
Kapitan, Dmitry Konoplev & Kapitan Khazan
Type of vessel:Crab fishing vessels
Owner:Antey Group, Russia
Designer:Damen Engineering Saint Petersburg, Russia
Builder:Nakhodka Ship Repair Yard, Russia
Hull construction material:Steel
Length overall:57.7 metres
Beam:12.6 metres
Gross tonnage:1,000
Capacity:680 cubic metres
Main engine:1,620 kW
Propulsion:Schottel SCP 774 controllable-pitch propeller
Side thruster:Schottel, 400 kW
Maximum speed:12 knots
Type of fuel:Diesel
Operational areas:Barents Sea, Bering Sea and Sea of Okhotsk, Russia

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