Fishing Vessel News Roundup | March 7 – Russian crab boat’s sea trials plus feed barge and seiner newbuilding orders

Sea trials have begun for a new Russian-built crab fishing vessel while orders have been placed for a Norwegian-built seiner and feed barges slated for operators in Norway and Iceland.

Sea trials begin for new Russian Project 03141 crab boat

Photo: United Shipbuilding Corporation

Russia’s Khabarovsk Shipyard has begun conducting sea trials of a new Project 03141 crab fishing vessel for local owner Mag-Sea International.

Omolon is the first in a series of two ordered by the same customer. It will be used crab and shrimp catching and live transport.

The vessel has an LOA of 63.27 metres, a beam of 10.6 metres, and accommodations for 21 crewmembers. A total installed power of 1,618 kW will deliver a speed of 14 knots.

Norway’s Kystfisk orders locally built seiner/bleeder

Photo: Larsnes Mek Verksted

Norwegian fishing company Kystfisk has awarded a contract to local shipyard Larsnes Mek Verksted for the construction of a new combined Danish seine/bleeder vessel.

The Seacon-designed newbuilding, which will also be named Kystfisk, will have a length of 51.23 metres, a beam of 12.1 metres, RSW tanks, and a fully automated bleeding line with a capacity of 70 tonnes per hour. Power will be supplied by a 1.5MWh battery pack.

The design is optimised for the catching and processing of cod during winter. For the remainder of the year, the vessel will support aquaculture operations.

Norwegian salmon producer orders locally-designed feed barge

Photo: Akva Group

Norwegian salmon farm operator Emilsen Fisk has awarded compatriot company the Akva Group a contract for the construction of a new feed barge.

The barge will be designed with all-weather capability, allowing it to be deployed even at remote locations within Norway.

The vessel will have capacity for 650 tonnes of feed and eight feeding lines. Facilities will include a control room, a galley, a bathroom with toilet and shower, a laundry area, and a conference room.

Faroese firm to build feed barge for Icelandic owner

Photo: JT Electric

Faroe Islands-based JT Electric has secured a contract for the construction and delivery of a new feed barge to Haafell, a salmon farming company in Northern Iceland.

The vessel will be fitted with six feeding lines and a hold with a 480-tonne capacity.

The barge will be capable of operating in harsh environments and will be powered by a hybrid arrangement with minimal reliance on onboard generators to reduce emissions.

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