Icelandic owner gets new locally-built line fishing boat

Icelandic owner gets new locally-built line fishing boat


Icelandic privately-owned fishing company Útgerðarfélagið Blakknes recently took delivery of a new line fishing vessel from local builder Trefjar.

Designed in collaboration with local naval architects Radgardur Shipconsulting, Hulda has a length of 12.5 metres, a beam of 6.7 metres, and a gross tonnage of 30. It was built to replace a similarly named older vessel in the Blakknes fleet.

Power is provided by a Doosan 4V222TI 596kW main engine connected to a ZF 665 gearbox. All fishing and fish handling equipment were supplied by Mustad.

Hulda also has hold space for up to 54 tanks of 460 litres each. Accommodations for the eight crew include four two-person cabins, a toilet/shower, a laundry room, and a mess/galley.

All interior spaces are heated to provide a comfortable onboard environment during extended trips off the Icelandic coast.

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