Trefjar delivers new 14-metre fishing vessel

Trefjar just delivered the Kristjan HF 100 to Kambur. Image courtesy of Trefjar. Trefjar just delivered the Kristjan HF 100 to Kambur.

Icelandic boat manufacturer Trefjar has delivered a new longliner to fishing company, Kambur.

The 14-metre long overhead vessel, named Kristjan HF 100, replaces an older boat of the same name, and has gross tonnage of 30. 

Kristjan HF 100’s main engine is a Doosan 4V222TI 880h (22-litre) connected freestanding ZF 665 V gear. The power station is a Scam/FPT/Linz 84kW (60kVA) model from Aceafli. 

The boat is equipped for line fishing and is also fitted with hydraulic front and rear side screws attached to the boat's steering. 

The cutting machine, rack and line games are from Mustad in Norway, the landing crane is owned by TMP from Ásafli and the lifeboats and other boat safety devices come from Viking.

There is space for up to 72stk 460-litre trains. Intermediate tires are closed with separate tug spaces.

Last modified onMonday, 03 September 2018 13:44

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