Tersan delivers newbuild Norwegian factory trawler

Norwegian fishing company Halstensen Granit has taken delivery of its new factory trawler Granit at Ålesund.

The 81.20-metre by 16.60-metre Granit, which was built at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey, is based on a ST-117L design by Skipsteknisk.

To be equipped with fishing gear for whitefish and shrimp, Granit’s factory deck has a throughput capacity of 90 tonnes per 24 hours and the cargo hold has a 1350 cubic metres capacity. Granit also has a forward fishmeal hold with a 370-cubic-metre capacity a 165-cubic-metre upper fishmeal hold and a 110-cubic-metre packing/fishmeal hold.

Built to tow three trawls using a pair of 16-square-metre Vónin Storm doors, Granit has a 6960kW main engine driving a 4200mm diameter CPP propeller.

Granit replaces an older vessel of the same name built in 1989 and which is fishing as the San Granit in New Zealand.

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