BOOK REVIEW | Warlord of the Seas

By Dom Mee with Mark Time

An amazing tale of war, piracy, adventure and business ghost written for former Royal Marine and adventurer Dom Mee. The writer actually exists although his real name is not, of course, Mark Time. He is a good writer so it is odd that he does not use his real name.

It is hard not to like a book about a man who cannot bear lawyers, bureaucrats, politicians and modern, unadventurous and bureaucratic naval officers. Mee dislikes them all and for very good reasons. They have all held him back and cost him dearly as he developed his successful and renowned armed anti-piracy business Protection Vessels International.

While that business mostly involved defending commercial shipping against the depredations of mostly Somali pirates, it was, in many other respects a typical small to medium business. That is why this is as much a business book as a war or crime story.

It is also a very human tale of trust and deceit, endurance, courage, innovation and endurance that culminated in the creation of the world’s largest private navy. That makes it particularly interesting.

Given that it is practically self-published, it will probably not be widely available. It is an excellent book so order a copy while you can direct from the authors. 

Available from Smashed Plate Books, somewhere in the UK and Sri Lanka.

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Neil Baird

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