BOOK REVIEW | The Gas Carrier Register 2019 / The Tanker Register 2019 / The Chemical Tanker Register 2019

Edited by Clarksons Research Services

These three bulky volumes complete the set of Clarkson’s Registers reviewed here for 2019. The previous volumes covered containerships and bulk carriers.

All are uniformly comprehensive and present an astounding amount of very detailed data on the world fleet of ships of each class. The specifications of every known vessel are listed as are the contact details and fleet descriptions of the owners of each of those vessels. There are extensive statistical tables, a very informative sectoral market overview and a useful glossary.

These registers have been produced for many years and are now impressively refined with incremental further improvements made annually. There is nothing anywhere near as good available anywhere. They are offered both online or in the large and impressively bound printed versions.

They are treasure troves of ship information.

Available from Clarkson Research Services, London, UK.