BOOK REVIEW | The Containership Register 2019

BOOK REVIEW | The Containership Register 2019

Compiled by Clarksons Research Services

Clarksons is the largest shipbroking business in the world. Based in London with branches in other maritime centres such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, the company, of necessity, keeps its finger on the pulse of shipping worldwide.

Fortunately for others in the global maritime industry, who need good commercial intelligence, Clarksons have packaged and sell the information that its Research Services subsidiary compiles. While that information is not cheap, it is incredibly valuable and would be very expensive to compile separately.

Among the host of important information compiled by CRS is its World Fleet Register. That complete register covers some 150,000 ships of 100 gt and above, a very big percentage of the world's active commercial shipping fleet. Its content is available online but Clarksons fortunately persists with publishing its content in print format. Because of the bulk of the information available, the printed registers are divided into six annually published volumes. The massive, six-centimetre-thick The Containership Register is one of them.

Comprising an excellent editorial overview of the state of the fleet in the previous year, it has a mass of statistical data, an excellent and very informative glossary, and a detailed listing of all vessels and their owners. Within the overall class of containerships, it is sub-divided into feeders, muti-purpose, Ro-Ro and liners. Vessels on order are listed in detail and other important information such as vessel name changes are recorded.

Similar registers covering tankers, bulkers, chemical tankers, offshore service vessels and gas carriers, are similarly compiled.

There is simply no better source of such useful information available at any price.

Available from Clarksons Research Services, London, UK.

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