BOOK REVIEW | Midway – The Battle that Changed the Pacific War

BOOK REVIEW | Midway – The Battle that Changed the Pacific War

By Jay Wertz and Helle Urban

For the first time in forty years a comic has been reviewed on these pages. It is, however, a very special comic and one that will undoubtedly strongly assist modern youth to understand a vital battle in which some of their great-grandfathers fought some 76 years ago. It was undoubtedly the battle that first turned the tide on the Japanese in the Pacific War.

In just 24 clearly illustrated pages it distils this very important story succinctly and remarkably comprehensively. Your reviewer normally disdains comics but, when they present history as well as this one does, he willingly admits there is a place for them. Hopefully, some of today’s teenagers and even sub-teenagers will thus be encouraged to learn something about a vital incident in modern history.

Available from Monroe Publications, Hummelstown, USA.


Neil Baird

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