BOOK REVIEW: Marine Surveying and Consultancy – An Introduction

Author: Mike Wall

Without doubt, the author is the world’s best known marine surveyor. Apart from having worked all over the world, he has written and spoken extensively about his favourite subject. He has written five previous books on marine surveying. This is the first of a planned series of three books that he is self-publishing from his “lair” near Bangkok.

As with all the others, it is a good one. It is aimed to be a basic text for a marine engineer or naval architect setting out to establish himself in business as a marine surveyor/consultant. It is impressively detailed and comprehensive. Really, a basic primer for anyone planning on entering the business of marine surveying.

What the reader gets is the benefit of the author’s more than half a century of very wide and varied experience in many jurisdictions across both the developed and developing world. Invaluable.

Available from: Mike Wall and Associates, Bangkok, Thailand.

Email: [email protected]

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