BOOK REVIEW | History of the World – Map by Map


Edited by Rob Houston

A magnificent and beautifully illustrated book in the best of DK (or Dorling Kindersley) tradition. From the detailed credits, It can be assumed that much of the first rate artwork was undertaken in India where the publisher obviously maintains a large and very talented staff. That artwork is simply brilliant.

Essentially, the book comprises a detailed but brief history of the world from pre-historic to modern times that is illustrated by excellent maps that are highlighted by photographs of carefully chosen artifacts or scenes.

While, for an avid historian, it presents little, if anything, that is new, what it does present is so attractively done that it seductively entices you to read it, cover to cover. It is a fascinating book even for the serious historian who may well have “seen it all”. It is equally attractive to readers of all ages from about ten and above.

For readers of this portal, it includes masses of maritime history from ancient times until the present day. It proves yet again that the history of the world is the history of the sea.

Available from Dorling Kindersley, London, UK.


Neil Baird

Co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Baird Maritime and Work Boat World magazine, Neil has travelled the length and breadth of this planet in over 40 years in the business. He knows the global work boat industry better than anyone.