BOOK REVIEW | CHIRP Maritime 2018 – Annual Digest of Reports and Insight Articles

Edited by Alan Loynd

Captain Alan Loynd is well known to readers of this website as a regular and erudite columnist who focuses mainly on tug matters. He is a vastly experienced master mariner who has spent most of his career in the Far East. He also puts a lot back into the maritime industry. One of his many “love jobs” is editing this incredibly useful and educational digest for CHIRP, the Maritime Confidential Hazardous Incident Reporting Programme.

CHIRP, as have many safety related initiatives, arose from the aviation industry. It is a very successful independent confidential reporting programme for the reception and handling of human factors and hazardous safety-related issues. It encourages aviators to confidentially and anonymously report their experience of accidents and “near-misses” with the objective of enabling their industry colleagues to learn from their experiences. CHIRP Maritime is simply the maritime version of the original

It has come a long way since it was spun out of CHIRP Aviation. It has a tiny professional staff and a vigorous publication programme. That mainly comprises its frequent reports and its regular Insight Articles that record the accidents and incidents related to CHIRP by its many enthusiastic contributors. All are widely read by thousands of senior and serious professional mariners as well as safety experts and maritime bureaucrats.

This digest is a wonderful aid to mariners as it brings together, in one easily accessible volume, a vast number and range of reports. All of them are commented on and offer very valuable advice as to how to avoid repeating the accidents described.

An incredibly valuable document that is available free.

Available from The CHIRP Charitable Trust, Fleet, UK.


Neil Baird

Co-founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Baird Maritime and Work Boat World magazine, Neil has travelled the length and breadth of this planet in over 40 years in the business. He knows the global work boat industry better than anyone.