COLUMN | Fish auctions: an ancient solution for modern times

Commercial fishing is an industry rooted in tradition. The Fish Mammas of Ghana are honoured for the generations that they have acted as the rightful middlemen between the canoe borne fishermen and the public or retail markets. In Chennai, India, graceful rafts bring catches ashore from anchored boats. Designated woman standing at the water’s edge to conduct lively auctions meets the rafts.

Vale: Tan Sri Dr. Frank Tsao Wen King

Low-key shipping legend Frank Tsao Wen King died last weekend in Singapore aged 95. He had been ill for some years.

He was a leader of the hugely successful group of Shanghai ship owners who, based in Hong Kong, dominated Asian shipping for the seventy-five years since the Second World War. He was a founding member and later chairman of the powerful and forward thinking Hong Kong Shipowners Association.

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