COLUMN | Staying mum on pirate problems [Grey Power]

I never sailed in the West African trades, but I know several people who looked back with the fondest memories of voyages to that part of the world, with ships being worked in roadsteads; cargo loaded and discharged using surfboats and the seamanship exhibited by the cheerful locals who handled these boats.

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Gulf of Guinea piracy – regional navies step up to the plate

The International Maritime Bureau’s (IMB) Annual Report on Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships for 2018 showed an overall rise in worldwide piratical attacks upon shipping, with 201 recorded attacks, up from 180 in 2017. An area of particular concern is the Gulf of Guinea (GoG), which saw some 73 attacks, with Nigerian waters accounting for 48 of these.

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FEATURE | Improving maritime security in the Asia–Pacific

Over recent years, the Asia–Pacific maritime security environment has become increasingly complex. Transnational serious and organised crime in the maritime domain (including illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; piracy; and trafficking of weapons, drugs and people), terrorism and an increasingly assertive Chinese maritime strategy are generating further complexity.

OPINION | Coastguard academy would boost maritime security for Australia and the region

Over the last decade, maritime security concerns have featured prominently in ASEAN member states’ individual and collective agendas. Issues as diverse as China’s aggressive maritime strategy, piracy, terrorism, transnational organised crime, and illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing in the Asia–Pacific are consistently challenging sovereignty, the rule of law and regional stability.

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