FEATURE | Caught in the net: slavery on Southeast Asian seas

About an hour south of Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, down a dusty, broken-edged road, dotted with grimy stores and street stalls, with the incessant buzz of motorbikes, stands a desolate building complex. Turn right at the festering drain, past the guard dozing in his chair, and the dog licking itself on the pavement, if you look hard, you’ll see an office.

Philippine Navy flagship aground in disputed waters

The Philippine Navy (PN) suffered major embarrassment on August 29 when the service’s flagship, the frigate Gregorio del Pilar grounded on Half Moon Shoal (Hasa Hasa), on the eastern edge of the disputed Spratly Archipelago, in the South China Sea.

FEATURE | A step towards clearer waters? China, ASEAN and the South China Sea

The announcement earlier this month that ASEAN and China had agreed on a single draft code of conduct negotiating text over the South China Sea after years of talks has been hailed as a milestone. But while getting to that point is evidence of mutual goodwill, it reveals more about the region’s perennial dilemma – how to keep trying when the challenges to cooperation continue to mount.

FEATURE | Philippine Navy enters the missile age

The Philippines has, in recent years, significantly upgraded its previously very weak naval forces, as it seeks to maintain a viable presence in the South China Sea. A major gap in Manila’s maritime capabilities, though, has long been the lack of missile armament on any of its warships. This has now been corrected.

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