BOOK REVIEW | Naval Archives, Vol 05 – The King George V Battleships et al

Edited by Damian Majsak

Another in this first rate series of pictorial histories of notable warship classes. This edition features the British King George V-class of battleships, the Soviet Zulu-class submarines, the American aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman and the Italian submarine efforts of 1942/43. Also included is a detailed spread of pictures of the Nazi heavy cruiser Lutzow in 3D format. A good spread of very interesting articles.

The brief but succinct descriptions of each type of ship are enhanced by their comprehensive histories. What makes this series so valuable, however, are the brilliant photographs and the amazingly detailed drawings of each type of ship and their components.

Naval Archives continue to present naval ship history in a very readable and informative way.

Available from Kagero Publishing, Lublin, Poland.


BOOK REVIEW | The Japanese Battleship Ise

By Carlo Cestra

Yet another in the ever growing list of brief but beautifully detailed “3D” warship profile books from the prolific Polish publisher Kagero. This is, as the Kagero histories always are, well-researched and very informative.

BOOK REVIEW: The Battleship USS Massachusetts

By Witold Koszela

Another “work of art” from the Kagero people of Lublin in Poland. This one comprises a series of general arrangement, profile and detail drawing of this famous and still extant warship of the Second World War.

BOOK REVIEW: Naval Archives – Volume 07

Edited by Damien Majsak

The seventh volume of this rather amazing series of 3D renderings of famous warships. This one focuses on a range covering the British battleship HMS Warspite, the American Grumman Avenger carrier aircraft, the German U 387, the multi-national Last Classic Destroyers, and The 21st Century Russian Fleet. Plenty to interest any warship history tragic.

BOOK REVIEW: Naval Archives – Volume 6

Edited by Damian Majsak

This is the sixth in a series of “bookazines” published, perhaps unusually, in Poland and printed in English. To be even more different it comes with 3D glasses to enhance the experience of viewing many of its pictures. A strange but fascinating reading experience.

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