FEATURE | Illegal Chinese fishing – Argentina pushes back

On March 2, the 1,000-tonne, Spanish-built patrol ship Doctor Manuel Mantilla, of Argentina’s paramilitary maritime force, the Prefectura Naval Argentina (PNA), opened fire with its 40mm cannon on the Chinese fishing boat Hua Xiang 801, which was operating within Argentina’ s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The incident was heavily publicised, and served to cast further light on illegal fishing activity by the Chinese.

OPINION | Challenges and opportunities for Indonesian–Australian maritime cooperation

Indonesia and Australia share one of the longest maritime boundaries in the world. They also share a unique bond as neighbours at the maritime crossroads of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The relationship between the people of Indonesia and Australia started many centuries ago when Makassan seafearers and other Indonesian islanders began trading with the Aboriginal people of northern Australia.

FEATURE: Indonesia's maritime strategy: what's been achieved?

In 2016, the Indonesian government released a white paper outlining the parameters for a future "global maritime fulcrum" (GMF) strategy. The document reflects the significance of the littoral environment to the country's national psyche and is indicative of a seafaring tradition that goes back to the second century.

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