FEATURE | UK-US naval exercises in the disputed South China Sea

Mid-January saw the latest manifestation of the Washington-driven policy of internationalising the dispute over the sovereignty of the South China Sea (SCS), much of which is claimed by the People’s Republic of China, when the US Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyer McCampbell, and the Type 23 frigate Argyll of the UK Royal Navy (RN) carried out joint exercises there.

FEATURE | UK returns to the fixed wing naval aviation world

September 28 saw two advanced F-35B Lightning II vertical/short take- off and landing (VSTOL) fighter bombers, of a joint US/UK trials squadron, carry out launching and recovery trials on board the 65,000-tonne British Royal Navy aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, which was operating in the western Atlantic.

FEATURE | Indo-Pacific: are the British coming back?

The British Royal Navy looks set to make a significant reappearance in the Indo-Pacific after the long distraction of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Australian decision to buy nine BAE Systems Type 26 ASW frigates is the latest in a flurry of indications suggesting the UK has an increased strategic interest in the region, kept alive through strong cultural, historic, and defence ties.

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UK unveils future naval shipbuilding strategy

UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has unveiled an ambitious new national shipbuilding strategy designed to meet the challenge set by Sir John Parker last November, and which sets out plans for the first batch of Type 31e frigates.

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