EDITORIAL | Despite IMO disinterest, ferry safety consciousness improves

Eleven months ago, returning from twice addressing the International Maritime Organisation’s III Meeting in London, I was quite depressed. My hope in addressing IMO had been that I could persuade its member state delegates of the urgent need for substantial improvement in the safety of domestic ferries. I was well aware that IMO was a member state dominated and led organisation. However, I was not aware of just how dominated by its member states it was. Now I know why it takes so long for anything to be achieved in the hallowed halls of IMO’s magnificent headquarters building beside the River Thames.

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Update: FerrySafe Philippines project

Johan Roos, Interferry's Regulatory Affairs Director, reports that he and other members of the FerrySafe team – Dr. Neil Baird (of Baird Maritime), Edwin Pang and Nelson Dela Cruz – were extremely pleased with the feedback from individuals and organisations that accepted their invitation for one-hour interview sessions.

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