BOOK REVIEW | Admiral of the Third Reich – Erich Raeder

By Keith W Bird

Another re-publication, twelve years on, of a controversial and important biography. This is no hagiography. Unlike in a number of his previous biographies, the subject is certainly not portrayed as an “anti-Nazi”. History has not been re-invented here.

BOOK REVIEW | Prisoner of the Samurai – Surviving the sinking of the USS Houston and the Death Railway


By James Gee and Rosalie H. Smith. Edited by Allyson Smith

A fascinating tale of courage, endurance and forgiveness told as part of his psychological recovery process after the end of World War II by a young man who had deferred his university studies at nineteen to join the US Marine Corps. His recollections were recorded by a nurse whose daughter found and edited her manuscript many years later. Fortunately, she managed to have it published by the always innovative and adventurous Casemate Publishers.

BOOK REVIEW | On Her Majesty’s Nuclear Service

By Eric Thompson

The author retired as a commodore in the Royal Navy. Almost his entire career was devoted to nuclear submarines and, specifically, nuclear engineering. He knows of which he writes.

After so often reading of accidents and problems afflicting Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet in often sensationalised articles in the general media, it is refreshing to learn what really happens directly from a knowledgeable and reliable source.

BOOK REVIEW: The Cold War Spy Pocket Manual – The Official Field-Manuals for Espionage, Spycraft and Counter-Intelligence

Edited by Philip Parker

A fascinating little book full of wonderful ideas and techniques that could just as well prove to be useful in business as in war. Imagine, who could do with a lock-picking outfit, for example? What about a surveillance receiver or a tiny camera? Maybe a silenced Walther PPK pistol? Or a tear gas pen?

BOOK REVIEW: The Jungle Survival Pocket Manual 1939–1945

Edited by Alan Jeffreys

This excellent little guidebook was apparently first published jointly by the British War Office and the United States War Department in August 1942. It was a pity it was a bit late for your reviewer's father who first went into battle against the Japanese in that month in the jungle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea.

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