Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird

Experienced geologist and seabed mining entrepreneur, Andrew reviews cutting edge technology from around the world across a wide spectrum of industries, and considers their potential applications in the work boat world.

COLUMN: My crystal ball [The Bow Wave]

Crystal ball might be a bit strong, perhaps “what I reckon stands a good chance of happening” is a more accurate title. That being said, I’ve decided to put finger to keyboard and make a list of things or events that are likely to occur during 2018. Like most people who ever attempt to predict the future I’ll make no effort in 12 months time to validate my claims.

COLUMN: Is it all hype? [The Bow Wave]

Readers are surely aware of anti-ship missiles and the threat they pose to military and civilian ships alike. Western anti-ship missiles have typically travelled at subsonic speeds whilst the Soviet/Russian and Chinese militaries used supersonic weapons that travelled at two or three times the speed of sound (Mach 2 or Mach 3).

COLUMN: Fuel for thought [The Bow Wave]

Over the past few years I’ve written about various options for fuelling work boats and cargo vessels. I’ve discussed batteries, fuel-cells and methanol, and I’ve also discussed the production of synthetic fuels for use in the maritime industry. This month I’m going to compare the different fuels and explain why I think that for the large vessels with high power and endurance requirements, we’re going to be sticking with hydrocarbons.

COLUMN: A self-fu(el)filling prophecy? [The Bow Wave]

In my column in the August issue of this illustrious magazine I wrote about several of the promising ideas that had been presented at the Our Oceans Challenge in Rotterdam in June. This month I’d like to take one of the ideas that reached the finals, and propose a few modifications.

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