Andrew Baird

Andrew Baird

Experienced geologist and seabed mining entrepreneur, Andrew reviews cutting edge technology from around the world across a wide spectrum of industries, and considers their potential applications in the work boat world.

COLUMN | Blockchain or brokechain? [The Bow Wave]

Over the past 12 to 18 months virtually every invitation I received to a marine finance conference involved at least one, if not many talks on blockchain and how it would revolutionise how we in the commercial marine world would do business. If I didn’t get aboard now my business would be consigned to the dustbin of history, or so I was confidently told.

COLUMN | Jack-class OPV? [The Bow Wave]

Australia’s planned offshore patrol vessel procurement, known in local government and contracting circles as SEA 1180 has gone through a selection stage with a modified version of Lürssen's OPV80 being eventually selected.

COLUMN | Tanker take off [The Bow Wave]

Something that has been popping up in various circles of the maritime world is the news that a number of tanker owners are looking to increase the rate at which they scrap their old vessels in favour of newer ones. The cause of this is going to vary from owner to owner but the result is that with a supposed flurry of tankers about to leave the fleet, are there any options that don’t involve a one-way trip to the scrap yard?

COLUMN | What becomes of the uncharted? [The Bow Wave]

The oil price has crept up slightly and OSVs are starting to be placed in charters that are measured in years rather than months. But for the most part these contracts are going to newbuilds, which leaves quite a number of older craft at anchor. What options does an owner have to bring these boats in from the pasture put them to work?

COLUMN | Home on the range [The Bow Wave]

I was having a discussion the other day and the topic of farmed fish came up. It seemed that people liked the lower prices that farming has brought to the consumers of smoked salmon but were a little concerned that perhaps the quality wasn’t as high as wild caught salmon and that the perceived environmental impacts of the pens in close proximity to shore were still quite high.

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