Hieronymus Bosch

Hieronymus Bosch

This anonymous commentator is our insider in the world of offshore oil and gas operations. With decades in the business and a raft of contacts, this is the go-to column for the behind-the-scenes wheelings and dealings of the volatile offshore market.

COLUMN | Bourbon and its management in the dock after suitcase of cash is found at Marseille airport [Offshore Accounts]

Losing your baggage after a long-haul flight is annoying and frustrating. Losing your suitcase when it contains over US$250,000 in hundred-dollar bills inside must be even more vexing. For Marc Cherqui, the former tax director of Bourbon, the French operator of over two hundred offshore support vessels, the recovery of his lost bag when he returned home to France from a business trip in Nigeria in October 2012 was only the beginning of his problems. The suitcase stuffed with cash was eventually re-united with its grateful owner at Marseille Airport.

COLUMN | MMA Offshore: iCall offshore BS! [Offshore Accounts]

What to do when your core business is floundering, when your terrible results for the July to December 2017 period were surpassed only by your truly dreadful results for the same period in July to December 2018, and when, despite a million Aussie dollar package for your managing director, his cost cutting drive has resulted in an actual increase in administrative costs?

COLUMN | Shipwrecked captains get rich [Offshore Accounts]

Lotto tickets are typically a tax on the poor and stupid, who spend a disproportionate share of their much-needed income buying dreams of a better future, typically featuring yachts and sports cars, rather spending than their money on rent or clothing, and things they actually need.

COLUMN | Bumping along the bottom [Offshore Accounts]

Watching the difference between what people say, and what they actually do is always revealing. Whether it’s priests and sex, imams and alcohol, or cost cutting executives and their own personal expenses, watch what people really do and what really happens, ignoring the pious statements of intent, the high-flying aspirations, or the motivational rhetoric.

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