Marcus Hellyer

Marcus Hellyer

Marcus Hellyer is ASPI’s senior analyst for defence economics and capability.

FEATURE | In for the long haul (part 3): How far can you push an Anzac?

As I discussed in part 2 of this series, the Anzacs are high-quality frigates. They will likely age gradually but gracefully over the next 24 years on their journey to eventual retirement. But the issue of quantity might be more problematic than quality. Often you just need presence: a ship at sea in the right location, whether patrolling a sea lane, monitoring a patch of ocean, or just waving a flag. No matter how good its quality is, a ship can’t be in two places at once.

FEATURE | Australian submarine transition plan takes shape

The future submarine has achieved key milestones with the signing of the overarching strategic partnering agreement on February 11 and in quick succession the design contract on March 5. This is good news for the future submarine platform itself, but there have also been developments in the broader submarine transition picture.

FEATURE | Senate estimates, submarine escalates

Something interesting happened at the Department of Defence’s Senate estimates hearing last week.

Buried among the largely predictable and interminable questions about how much Defence pays eminent persons in advisory and advocacy positions were a couple of pieces of information about the cost of SEA 1000, the future submarine project.

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