Nelson E. Dela Cruz

Nelson E. Dela Cruz

A writer by profession, Nelson began contributing to Baird Maritime by way of articles detailing his initial exposure to the global maritime industry, particularly his participation in China Maritime 2012 held in Hong Kong and Asian Work Boat 2013 held in Singapore.

He has been contributing his work regularly to the site since then with emphasis on the Philippine maritime sector and other related developments. Nelson is also a part-time volunteer with the Maritime League, a non-profit organisation which aims to increase public awareness of the significant contributions made by the Philippine maritime sector in nation-building.

Philippine shipbuilder Herma launches coastal oil tanker Maringal

Philippine conglomerate Herma Group, through its shipbuilding arm Herma Shipyard (HSI), launched a new coastal oil tanker in a formal ceremony on Wednesday, May 16.

HSI built the tanker for sister company Herma Shipping and Transport Corporation (HSTC), a petroleum hauling service provider that operates throughout the Philippines.

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