LETTERS | New PM a new hope for Australian shipping?

Dear Editor,

It’s good news that we’ve got a new PM and that he hopes to rejuvenate Australian shipping. I just hope his advisers are experienced enough to conceive a plan that:

  1. Is sensible: it makes money and is competitive with foreign ships
  2. Is not just a job creation scheme like Whitlam proposed years ago.
  3. Has a dynamic leader and a team free from political meddling

I have discussed this issue with other people in the industry and it’s not an easy fix. Especially with new technology and alternative fuels becoming a significant factor.

The Australian expertise is almost lost. Things like infrastructure, port facilities and supply chain requirements are all part of it.

Albanese’s team must work with skill and understanding of the industry as it was then look to the future.

It must turn a profit. Not just jobs. He needs union support plus industry support and input from numerous other sources including border security to see it work. His team leader should be the leader of the new industry. Another Sir John Williams or Captain Bill Bolitho perhaps.

He’s got four years, maybe eight to repair 40 years of neglect.

I do hope to see a new Australian industry with enough sense to not make past mistakes.

Let’s see what he does.

Kent Stewart

Founder of Maritime Engineers


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