Design flaw prevents crews of new Sydney ferries from looking out at night, NSW state opposition claims

Photo: Transport for NSW

ABC News reports that the new passenger ferries that are slated for operation in Sydney Harbour have come under renewed criticism after NSW legislators identified a flaw in the vessels’ design that can pose a potential hazard, particularly when sailing at night.

Deputy Opposition Leader Yasmin Catley said that the shapes and angles of the wheelhouse windows, as well as the quality of the glass being used, create a glare that effectively prevents the crew from seeing out of the wheelhouse during nighttime.

A spokesman for Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) said work is ongoing to address the problem and that “the vast majority of improvements” have been completed to allow the ferries to finally enter service before the end of the year.

The glare is the latest in a series of design flaws that NSW officials have identified on the ferries, which were all built in Indonesia.

Reports made available the previous year revealed that ten of the ferries were found to be incapable of sailing under some of the bridges along the Parramatta River during high tide and with passengers on their open upper decks. Other reports stated that three of the initial batch of delivered vessels had asbestos on board.


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