GEAR | THT Marine generators for Shoreline’s Ada Clara

The beautiful new fishing vessel Ada Clara by Shoreline Marine Fabrication is an exceptional work of engineering and craftsmanship.

THT Marine provided two Coelmo DTL3950 marine power generators to the vessel. The Coelmo DTL3950 are manufactured in Italy, and offer excellent quality using only the best components.

The Coelmo range of marine power gensets use genuine Japanese Kubota diesel engines. For the DTL3950, the chosen engine is the turbocharged Kubota V3300T four-cylinder, 3.3-litre engine. This engine is marinised and heat exchanger cooled by Coelmo in Italy using a tube stack style heat exchanger and a gear driven rubber impeller sea water pump, which is easily accessible at the front of the engine.

The chosen alternator is the MeccAlte ECO 32-3S/4, which provides maximum 39.5kVA of 415V, 50Hz power at 40 degrees celsius ambient air temperature.

The DTL3950 is enclosed within a sound attenuated cabinet made from aluminium, which is then powder coated. The cabinet also includes a switch which allows the generator to be started and stopped locally, as well as remotely. All connection points for the generator, including inlet sea water, wet exhaust, fuel supply and return, 12V power, remote connection to the EOS panel and the 415V output power are all made easily accessible by having connection points on the external of the cabinet.

Included as standard with Coelmo Marine Power Generators is the digital EOS control panel, which provides a wealth of information on the engine parameters as well as the power output being supplied, showing amperage, voltage and frequency. The EOS control panel provides live data on engine operating hours, number of starts, maintenance reminders, as well as listings for any faults which may occur. Ada Clara opted for two control panels per generator. One, mounted on each generator, and the second sitting within the saloon, behind the helm for easy access and remote control and monitoring.

The impressive design and compactness of the DTL3950 ensures they fit in extremely well within the vessel, and look very neat. When running the Coelmo DTL3950 are very quiet, barely audible as they run through Centek water lock mufflers before exiting the rear of the vessel.

All service points on the generators are accessible easily, including oil and fuel filters, as well as the impeller and sacrificial anodes.

The requirement for Ada Clara was to provide a very smooth power suitable for all their sensitive electronic equipment, as well as having the power available for any heavy load applications including water pumps for commercial fishing. The Coelmo DTL3950 meets and exceeds all requirements.


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