GEAR | Ocean Fisheries orders anti-fouling coatings for trawler fleet

Legacy (Photo: Ocean Fisheries/Propspeed)

Lyttelton, New Zealand-based operator Ocean Fisheries has selected Propspeed to supply foul-release coatings for use on the former’s fleet of three commercial fishing vessels.

The trawlers Legacy (pictured), Frontier, and Endeavour are all made of steel and are hauled every two years. The operator said the coating will be applied to the vessels’ keel coolers and other components that are at risk of encountering issues such as weed and marine growth.

Ocean Fisheries added that the use of the Propspeed coating not only eliminates the need to employ divers to clean the coolers in water, but also increases refrigeration capacity and efficiency by allowing increased cooling capability for much longer periods.

The selected coating has an ultra-slick topcoat that has been specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. Propspeed said this attribute helps increase efficiency, prevent corrosion, and reduce vessel fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The coating also guarantees a strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate to ensure it will actually stick to running gear, in turn ensuring that the vessel can run at its peak throughout the entire season.


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