GEAR | Evoy develops 150hp electric outboard motor


Norway-based Evoy is expanding its portfolio to a turnkey 150hp outboard system with batteries.

Evoy’s systems of up to 800 hp are designed and tested to operate in the toughest environments in the world – the Norwegian coast. This year Evoy is focused on the commercial market with an inboard propulsion system for boats between 20 and 40 feet.

Additionally, it is working on an outboard system supported by NOK1.8 million (US$170,000) from Innovation Norway. The goal is to have it completed and ready for the market in first quarter of 2021.

Hurtigruten was early to announce its interest and wanted to have 30 systems delivered in the spring of 2020.

“We like challenges, but this inquiry was a little tight, even for us,” said an excited CEO and Founder Leif A. Stavøstrand.

The premiere of the prototype outboard, which is not drivable yet, will be in Florø later this season. The prototype is based on a 90hp versions and with a more powerful lower leg, it will likely perform equivalent to a 150hp petrol engine.

The testing that will be performed during summer and fall of 2020 will give the final results on performance and range. The outboard is especially designed to fit the Zodiac Milpro Mark 5, and for this boat it will perform at 115 hp. This boat is the industry standard for exploration cruises in Artic regions.

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