SIA welcomes Commonwealth Marine Park management plans

We welcome news of the five failed disallowance motions against the Commonwealth Marine Park management plans in the Australian Senate.

Firstly, I would like to thank the Coalition and crossbench Senators who upheld their position of support of the plans and voted against the disallowance motions.

This is a momentous occasion for our industry – the uncertainty that has plagued much of our wildcatch sector is now gone. We thank the Senate for staying the course and confirming its support of the Australian seafood industry. We also thank all those who worked hard to listen to and respond to the professional industry’s concerns.

This result is due in no small part to the united stance of Australia’s professional and recreational fishers. The consensus from the entire fishing industry, across all Australian states and territories, is one of relief. This result shows exactly what can be achieved when the industry presents a united front. 

This is a win for a balanced approach to conservation recognising the need we all have to access to the world’s most sustainable protein – seafood.

These plans now allow Australian businesses to invest in our iconic fishing industry, with the confidence of secure resource access and the knowledge they are supporting oceans that are used in a sustainable and responsible manner.

SIA looks forward to the government’s draft adjustment package and will work hard to ensure any of our professional fishers who are negatively impacted by these plans will receive compensation that is fair and adequate.

As fishers, our priority is the ocean. We advocate the health, sustainability and future of our ocean. It’s our livelihood and the future livelihood of generations to come.

Jane Lovell

Jane Lovell is the inaugural CEO of Seafood Industry Australia, the national peak body which represents the Australian seafood industry. A scientist by training, Jane has also worked in horticultural export, in the fisheries portfolio in the Australian Federal Parliament, for small businesses and for large multi-national corporations. She was inaugural Managing Director of TQA Australia, a not-for-profit concerned with food safety, quality and environmental assurance in primary industry. In this role, she worked with a range of seafood businesses, from aquaculture to processing and assisted the Tasmanian oyster industry develop and implement its own food safety and quality assurance system. Jane holds qualifications in corporate governance, leadership and has recently completed her Masters examining issues associated with the global governance of food security.