QLD fishing industry calls for moratorium on reforms

Photo: QSIA

The Queensland Seafood Industry Association (QSIA) has called on the premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk and fisheries minister, Mark Furner for a moratorium on the implementation of the Queensland Sustainable Fisheries Strategy.

“The so-called fisheries reform process is flawed and its implementation will undermine industry,” said Allan Bobberman, QSIA Chair.

“COVID-19 has negatively impacted our export and domestic markets which has overwhelmed seafood family businesses. Government and industry have a unique opportunity to call time out and reassess and mitigate the risks to the businesses across the seafood industry.

“We need to develop plans to rebuild our marketplace resilience to future global economic disasters. The current reforms do not do this and potentially expose the industry to future market shocks,” said Mr Bobberman.

“I have tied up my boat as well as many other trawl operators in Moreton Bay because we simply cannot sell product,” said Michal Wood, President of the Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association (MBSIA).

“Industry operators in all fisheries at the coal face are very worried about the current marketplace mood and many are concerned that the new management proposed are not in step with the new economic norm created by COVID-19,” added Elaine Lewthwaite, President of Hervey Bay Seafood.

“The Queensland Government has a clear choice – proceed with the reform and undermine this iconic industry or put a halt to the reform and reassess the process for the long-term viability of industry,” said Mr Bobberman.


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