Investigation underway into Ningaloo Marine Park fish kills

Photo: DBCA Parks and Wildlife Service

Investigations have begun into reported fish kills in parts of the Ningaloo Marine Park from Exmouth through to Coral Bay, possibly associated with a coral spawning event.

Slicks on the water and some dead fish have been observed at Turquoise Bay and Yardie Creek. There have also been fish kill reports from Bills Bay, Coral Bay, with 16,000 dead fish counted on Monday, March 28.

Departmental officers are gathering information and assess the extent of the fish kill. Suitable fish and water samples will be collected for laboratory testing if possible.

Updates will be issued when further information is available. In the mean-time people are reminded to stay safe around fish kills

People are urged to stay safe by following the general Department of Health advice:

  • not to swim in areas of water with large numbers of dead and decomposing fish because they may contain high levels of bacteria and have an objectionable odour;
  • not to fish in water with large numbers of dead fish;
  • temporarily not to collect or consume fish from the waters near a fish kill;
  • not to collect and use dead fish for bait or consumption because of the risk of high levels of bacteria; and
  • not to allow pets and other animals to come into contact with dead or decomposing fish either in the water or on shore.

Fish kills should be reported to the FISHWATCH on 1800 815 507. This is a 24/7 reporting service.

Callers are advised to provide their location and what they saw, including numbers of dead fish and, if possible, the species affected. GPS coordinates and/or photographs, if available, will also assist the DPIRD’s investigation.


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