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Recorder from cargo ship ‘El Faro’ recovered

The voyage data recorder from ‘El Faro’, a US-flagged cargo ship that sank during Hurricane Joaquin in October 2015, was successfully recovered from the ocean floor on the evening of August 8, 2016.

The recovery of the capsule ends a 10-month-long effort to retrieve the recorder, which was designed to record navigational data and communications between crewmembers on the ship’s bridge.

Norway's Stad ship tunnel to proceed

Photo: Norwegian Coastal Administration

The Stad Ship Tunnel, which has yesterday received approval to proceed from the Norwegian Government, will be a 1.7-kilometre-long, 37-metre-high and 26.5-metre-wide tunnel under mountainous terrain between fjords, which will be able to allow ships the size of Hurtigruten cruise ships to navigate more safely through the very exposed Stadhavet Sea. Work on the 2.7 billion krone (US$320 million) project will begin next year, and is due for completion in 2029.

US$43.8 billion left in shipbuilding order book

Vessel Value has estimated that US$28.4 billion worth of vessels has been delivered so far this year, with US$43.8 billion still left on the order book.

LPG deliveries are on track for the year, with 50 per cent of the 2016 order book having been delivered – worth US$3 billion.

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