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EDITORIAL | Record low ferry fatality figure

Our preliminary figure for passenger vessel fatalities in 2016 has come out at an estimated 550 deaths. It comprises 369 known deaths plus an allowance, based on long experience, of an additional 50 per cent for unknown fatalities.

Do you depend on the sea? Don’t miss SOS.

I do apologise for running two promotions for conferences with which I am connected in two consecutive months but that is the way the calendar fell.

First, to declare an interest: I am the current chairman of the World Ocean Council. It is a combination of a “think tank” and an industry association for the international ocean business community. It is the only organisation working for the wider ocean business community on a global basis.

Expanding the commuter ferry market

Ausmarine Editorial - June 2016

With most major, and even minor, cities around the world suffering ever worsening commuter traffic congestion, it seems the time is becoming right to introduce more local ferry services in an attempt to reduce the problem.

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