Fisheries and Aquaculture

FEATURE: Mariola - Designed and built by fishermen for fishermen


Tom Aliotti’s new Bristol Bay gillnetter Mariola did 36 knots on sea trials. Asked the secret of getting that speed, he replied, “I’m not going to tell you my secret, except that I have fished Bristol Bay for 33 years and I use that knowledge to build boats for fishermen.”

Staying within the legally proscribed 32-foot (9.8-metre) limit for Bristol Bay gillnet boats creates a challenge that eager designers like Aliotti are happy to take on. “But it is not all about light boat speed,” he explained, “It matters to me what speed you can maintain with the weight of fish onboard and how a boat performs in weather. There are compromises to be made and I can design and build to those.”

‘Brexit’ case founders on uncertain future

The votes of British fishermen are unlikely to sway the UK’s referendum result one way or the other, but their oft­voiced plight is a test case for the arguments over EU membership.

The UK could follow Norway in retaining control of its own waters, alleviating the immediate struggles of fishermen and coastal regions. But a future deal with EU neighbours would be needed and there is no guarantee of better terms.

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