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Cost Standards for Dredging Equipment
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 15:13

Author: R.N. Bray
Publisher: CIRIA

From Baird Maritime:

Produced by CIRIA, a London based research institution, this most interesting little book is apparently one of a series focusing on various different sectors of the construction industry.

Carefully researched and clearly presented, it provides a very useful model that could be well applied to many other sectors of the maritime industry.

Basically, it describes the dredging sector and the vessels and equipment that it uses. Then it analyses the costs of purchasing and operating that equipment in a wide range of circumstances.

All very well done and an inspiration to cost accountants and managers of companies that own other kinds of vessels such as tugs, OSVs and ferries, among others.

Ordering Information:

London, UK

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The Versatile Air Repair Ship: HMS Unicorn
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 15:11

Author: Edgar Hibbert
Publisher: Stockwell

From Baird Maritime:

HMS ‘Unicorn’ was a multi-purpose aircraft carrier, repair and supply ship that fought in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres during World War II.

She was completed in March 1943, a small carrier of 16,500 tons and carrying 36 aircraft. She had a total crew of 1,094. The author joined the ship in July 1942 as a petty officer ERA.

He must have kept very good notes for he has produced some sixty years later a remarkably detailed and fascinating record of his experiences. His descriptions of completing and working up the ship at the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast are wonderful.

Yet another valuable personal record of World War II at sea. This one is particularly so for its rare technical detail which is offered in addition to all the usual adventures.

Ordering Information:

Ilfracombe, UK

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A Dictionary Of Sea Quotations
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 15:09

Author: Edward Duyker
Publisher: The Miegunyah Press

From Baird Maritime:

A fascinating and very valuable book for anyone interested in the sea, no matter where in the world they may live or voyage.

An eclectic and exciting collection of four millennia of history, poetry and sea lore, the book is appropriately and clearly illustrated. Those illustrations are etchings and they are very good.

Really, it is an amazing work of the literary art. It will give endless pleasure to almost any imaginable mariner.

A very high quality production in the usual Miegunyah Press style, even the indexes and glossary are brilliant.

Very highly recommended.

Ordering Information:

The Miegunyah Press
Melbourne, Australia

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Tales from a Tin Can: The USS Dale – From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 15:07

Author: Michael Keith Olson
Publisher: Zenith Press

From Baird Maritime:

A very personal yet fascinating oral history by the son of a sailor who served aboard the ship for the whole of the Pacific part of World War II.

The USS ‘Dale’ (DD353) was one of eight Farragut class destroyers built in the 1930s. A small, fast ship, she was moored in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. For the next four years she covered much of the north and part of the South Pacific. She was in almost every major battle but was a “lucky ship” and never lost a crewman to enemy fire.

Utilising the recollections of a number of the ‘Dale’s’ crewmen interspersed with the ship’s log, the author weaves a wonderful tale of war at sea.

Ordering Information:

Zenith Press
Des Moines, USA
Web: www.zenith
Capricorn Link
Windsor, Australia

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The U.S. Navy Against The Axis: Surface Combat 1941-1945
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 15:05

Author: Vincent P. O’Hara
Publisher: Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime:

This fine book shows that the war at sea in the first half of the 1940s was not won, as conventional wisdom has it, by America’s submarine and aircraft carrier superiority.

The author shows very clearly and conclusively that surface combatants more than played their part in the U.S. Navy’s ultimate success.

Carefully and concisely, the author analyses all the major, naval battles of the Pacific War. His minute examinations of the facts make his point very starkly.

Senior naval officers, defence bureaucrats and, most importantly, defence ministers would be well advised to study this book.

Ordering Information:

Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA

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