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Cruise Control - Your Peace of Mind at Sea
Saturday, 26 May 2007 11:47


Author: Ronald Butcher
Publisher: Black Whisker Publishing

From Baird Online:

Americans are by far the biggest consumer group as far as the global cruise industry is concerned. Americans also tend to be the single most security and safety conscious and litigious group on the planet.

Given the well known hazards of cruising, it is not surprising then, that a book such as this has been published. While written in sensationalist vein and rather "over-the-top", it still attempts to list and explain the hazards of cruising and offers some antidotes to them.

While exaggerated, the pity is that the situation described in the book is not too far from reality. It is a pity, too, that the book includes some outright libels such as the picture of a Malaysian Coast Guard vessel captioned as a "Modern Pirate Vessel". A strange, idiosyncratic book that nevertheless contains some valuable advice for actual and potential cruise passengers.

Ordering Information:

Black Whisker Publishing
Nevada, USA

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