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Bulk Carrier Practice (Second Edition)
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 10:36

By Captain Jack Isbester ExC FNI MCMS

From Baird Maritime:

The first edition of this large, well-illustrated and clearly written manual was excellent. This second edition is even better.

Its very experienced and thoughtful author has gone to considerable trouble to improve on his very popular and well-respected first attempt. Were all second editions this much improved.

This edition also includes a very valuable CD Rom of the drawings and manuals of the very common Diamond 53 class of double-skinned bulk carriers.

As the author points out, much has changed in the seventeen years between editions. First, the global fleet of bulk carriers has increased by about fifty percent. Most of those new vessels are significantly larger.

At the same time ship shapes, equipment and propulsion systems have advanced by, effectively, a generation. There is much to learn. The author has covered the subject very thoroughly.

Ordering Information:

The Nautical Institute
London, UK.
Web: www.nautinst.orgs

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