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ISF launches new rest hour record software
Friday, 09 July 2010 17:06

The International Shipping Federation (ISF) and IT Energy have launched an updated version of its ‘ISF Watchkeeper’ computer program.

‘ISF Watchkeeper 3’ is designed to allow shipping companies to maintain records of individual seafarers’ hours of work and rest as required by international regulations, including the latest amendments to the IMO STCW Convention that were adopted in Manila two weeks ago.

‘The ISF program allows shipping companies to check, monitor and maintain records of compliance with the complex seafarer’s work hour regimes that have been adopted by IMO and ILO, and which are already bring enforced by Port State Control,” explained ISF Secretary General, Peter Hinchliffe.  

“Record keeping is now mandatory, and it will be vital for shipowners to comply with the requirement to maintain records which, due to the complexity of the rules, can be almost impossible to maintain without the use of such a program.”

Subscribers to ‘ISF Watchkeeper 3’ will able to check and record compliance with the most recent amendments to the IMO Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW 2010).

Several new features include an option to maintain overtime records and pre-plan work schedules.  Most importantly, a new ‘locking’ function has been incorporated to protect completed data from being altered and to prove authenticity to port state control officers or to accident investigators.

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