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Omega Navigation takes delivery of ‘Megacore Honami’
Friday, 19 March 2010 11:16

Athens, Greece: Omega Navigation Enterprises has recently taken delivery of a product tanker from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea.

‘Megacore Honami’, a 37,000DWT product/chemical carrier, was delivered on February 25.

The ‘Megacore Honami’ represents the first in a series of nine newbuildings for Megacore. In addition to this vessel, Megacore is scheduled to have two additional deliveries in 2010, four newbuilding vessels in 2011 and two vessels to be delivered in 2012.

The addition of the ‘Megacore Honami’ brings the Omega fleet to ten vessels, either owned directly or through joint venture companies.

The ‘Megacore Honami’, immediately following the delivery, commenced a three-year time charter with NYK Line.

Ask: N/A   Bid: N/A  
Book Value: N/A   Change: N/A Variation 
Trade Date: N/A   EPS Estimate Current Year: 0.45  
52-week Low: N/A   Annualized Gain: N/A  
Market Capitalization: N/A   Change From 52-week Low: N/A  
Percent Change From 52-week High: N/A   High Limit: N/A  
Change From 200-day Moving Average: N/A   Percent Change From 50-day Moving Average: N/A  
Open: N/A   Change in Percent: N/A Variation 
Ex-Dividend Date: N/A   Price/EPS Estimate Next Year: N/A  
Short Ratio: N/A   Ticker Trend: N/A  
Holdings Value: N/A   Day`s Value Change: N/A  
Dividend Yield: N/A   Commission: N/A  
Dividend/Share: N/A   Earnings/Share: 0.04  
EPS Estimate Next Year: N/A   Day`s Low: N/A  
52-week High: N/A   Holdings Gain: N/A  
Percent Change From 52-week Low: N/A   Last Trade (With Time): N/A  
Low Limit: N/A   50-day Moving Average: N/A  
Percent Change From 200-day Moving Average: N/A   Previous Close: N/A  
Price/Sales: N/A   P/E Ratio: N/A  
PEG Ratio: N/A   Last Trade Time: N/A  
1 yr Target Price: N/A   EPS Estimate Next Quarter: N/A  
Day`s High: N/A   Holdings Gain Percent: N/A  
EBITDA: N/A   Change From 52-week High: N/A  
Last Trade (Price Only): N/A   Day`s Range: N/A  
200-day Moving Average: N/A   Change From 50-day Moving Average: N/A  
Price Paid: N/A   Price/Book: N/A  
Dividend Pay Date: N/A   Price/EPS Estimate Current Year: N/A  
Volume: N/A   52-week Range: N/A  
Stock Exchange: N/A  

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