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Marine Diesel Engines, Catalytic Fines and a New Standard to Ensure Safe Operation: Separation Performance Standard
Thursday, 15 November 2007 14:58

Author: Gunnar Åstrom, Adrian Daniels and Kjeld Aabo
Publisher: Alfa Laval

From Baird Maritime:
A joint venture by Alfa Laval, BP Marine and MAN B&W Diesel, this booklet brings together three of the best known names in the marine propulsion industry.

It provides a brief but thorough and very useful overview of catalytic fines and their effects on marine diesel engines, marine residual fuel oils and fuel cleaning on board.

A complex subject, it has been handled both clearly and concisely in this very useful booklet. It basically describes the principles and practices of centrifugal separation of residual fuel oils.

A most impressive collaborative effort.

Ordering Information:

Alfa Laval
Monza, Italy

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avatar Leonardo Alphonso
I am given to understand this book is useful for marine engineers for learning about purification of marine fuel oils
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