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Spliethoff's six new-gen multipurpose vessels
Thursday, 16 March 2017 15:52

Amsterdam-based shipping company Spliethoff has placed an order for six multipurpose vessels at Zhejiang Ouhua Shipbuilding in China.

The vessels of this new "R-class" are designed in accordance with the Polar Code and are therefore suitable to trade in remote areas such as the Arctic. They will be optimised for fuel efficiency and equipped with scrubbers to reduce their environmental footprint as much as possible. 

Length overall is 165 metres and deadweight is approximately 18,000 tonnes.  With a hold length of over 100 metres and heavy lift cranes which are combinable, the vessels are designed to operate in the specialised breakbulk market with heavy and outsized cargoes.

The accommodation, including the navigation bridge, is situated at the bow of the vessel and ultra-long pieces of, for instance, windmill equipment, will be well-protected when carried on deck.  The first vessel of the series, named Raamgracht is scheduled to be delivered in January 2019, followed, in regular intervals of two months, by her five sisters: Realengracht, Reguliersgracht, Rijpgracht, Ringgracht and Rozengracht.