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Small Navies: Strategy and Policy for Small Navies in War and Peace
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 19:09


Edited by Michael Mulqueen, Deborah Sanders and Ian Speller
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

From Baird Maritime

With much of the world, particularly smaller countries, rapidly developing and re-arming with a particular focus on their navies, this is a very timely book.

Comprising twelve very high quality and well-edited essays, the book looks at the place, role, development and futures of a number of select smaller navies. It is interesting and probably significant that two of the editors are Irish. Be that as it may, the book takes a broad look at what is happening around the world.

Apart from war-fighting and providing an entry key into wider alliances, small navies have numerous and increasing other roles in areas such as disaster relief, anti-piracy, anti-smuggling (Including of humans.), and anti-poaching operations. These require considerable versatility in terms of both hardware and personnel.

The interesting conundrum in all this is that these developments have to be achieved against a background of ever tightening budgets. The essays were presented as papers at a conference held in Ireland in 2012. They are still relevant.

The book presents a naval size and effectiveness hierarchy that makes interesting reading. Most importantly, it offers a very useful comparative overview of all the world’s smaller navies.

A very useful compilation of facts and valuable thinking.

Ordering information:

Ashgate Publishing
Farnham, UK


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