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Nelson: Britannia’s God of War
Thursday, 05 December 2013 16:44


Author: Andrew Lambert
Publisher: Allen & Unwin

From Baird Maritime

Given that eight years have elapsed since the bi-centenary of Horatio Nelson’s victory and death at Trafalgar, it is appropriate that a more considerable and insightful biography of him has been published.

As one of Britain’s greatest ever heroes, Nelson was “done to death” by a furious outpouring of biographies and histories in and around 2005. It is a relief to be able now to read something more balanced and comprehensive.

Lambert describes Nelson well. His quick intelligence, his bravery and his impetuosity are all well analysed. However, he does not refer to one of the most telling comments on Nelson’s character.

His younger but near and even more impetuous contemporary Lord Alexander Cochrane described in his autobiography a discussion with the great man. Briefly, what he advised was: “Don’t worry too much about doctrine and formal tactics, just go at ‘em”. The author omits that but still manages to describe Nelson’s character similarly.

A very comprehensive, useful and, above all, interesting biography of a fascinating man.

Ordering information:

Allen & Unwin
Crows Nest, Australia


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