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Hyundai names two new VLCCs
Thursday, 12 January 2012 16:26

South Korea: Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s biggest shipbuilder, has named two new 318,000DWT very large crude oil carrier (VLCCs) for Indian shipping line GESCO.

In the simultaneous naming ceremony, the vessels were named ‘Maneklal Ujamshi Sheth’ and ‘Ardeshir HBhiwandiwalla’, after GESCO’s former owner and founder respectively. ‘Maneklal Ujamshi Sheth’ has been delivered to the client, while ‘Ardeshir HBhiwandiwalla’ is scheduled for delivery in mid-February.

The ships are 319 metres long, 60 metres wide and 30 metres in depth, with a service speed of 16.3 knots.

Hyundai plans to deliver 93 ships this year. Meanwhile, the company aims to secure new orders worth US$30.6 billion in 2012, 19.6 percent up from a year earlier, and sales of US$23.9 billion, 9.5 percent up from last year.

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